The Quintet

Nestled in the heart of Choa Chu Kang is The Quintet condominium where our client Kelvin and Michelle (not their real names) call this 3 bed-room unit home. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a clean and muted colour palette that is kept consistent throughout the entire home. Separated by a wooden door on the left of the entryway is the kitchen, and while further ahead is the dining and living room.

The living area is subtly marked out by a large carpet and accompanying sofa set. A dark green armchair punctuates the muted space with a pop of colour without being too overpowering. Warm lights cast a serene glow on the walls and also act to set the cozy ambience.

Smoothed out laminate joints
Table for up to 8 pax, no problem
A ledge betweenfor placing commonly used items

The cozy dining corner that is backed by ample storage space – Our clients can bring out whatever is required when dining and entertaining, but also to keep the other unnecessary items away easily! A ledge separates the top and bottom halves of the cabinet system to allow our clients to place regularly used items such as glassware. The edge nearer the entryway also serves as a convenient corner for our clients to place their key and coins repository for easy access. 

The large dining table sits 6 comfortably, and 8 for a more cozy feel. Grey dining chairs are intentionally picked to match the living room sofa set.

Moving further into the home, we arrive at the master bedroom where a simple King-sized bed sits in the middle of the room. A bay window settee lets our clients enjoy a book or cup of coffee whilst basking in the warm sun and admiring the communal garden and swimming pool just outside.

A King-sized bed by a bay window overlooking a pool. Everyday is a staycation.
A galley kitchen separates the cooking and washing and prevents overcrowding.

Coming back out into the kitchen, we opted for white laminates to ensure flow and consistency with the other parts of the home that were dressed in a muted palette. The galley kitchen provides ample storage space for our client’s crockery and other appliances – Large casement doors allow for easy access to the cabinet’s contents.

All cabinet doors come with ABS Trimming to cap off the laminate joints

Lastly, the bathrooms were kept fairly simple as well. With glossy 300mm x 600mm ceramic tiles lining the walls, these surfaces help to reflect light and brighten up the space. A mirrored cabinet provides sufficient storage space for toiletries whilst the cabinets underneath the vanity counter let our clients stow away larger items such as toilet paper and other soaps.

Bright, simple, and functional

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