632 Choa Chu Kang North 6

Contemporary living in this resale HDB apartment. We recently made over this dated HDB flat for its new occupants, giving it a fresh and clean outlook for a family of 6! A large spacious living room welcomes guests and serves as the family’s communal area. As the family loves their karaoke sessions, the living room was planned to be spacious and clutter-free. In doing so, we shunned the coffee table in favour of more standing room while family members sing their hearts out.

A common pathway leads us from the living area towards the dining and kitchen. On the left, the cozy kitchen space allows for everything to be within arm’s reach. Make no mistake, the kitchen may seem deceptively small, however, with proper storage solutions and planning, we were able to get all our client’s requirements packed in. We made use of clever hinge and motion technologies in our cabinetry to ensure that all cabinet surfaces are not only appear sleek, but also open up wide enough to allow users full access to their contents. Some of these hinge technologies include the bi-fold hinge that is perfect for cabinet doors in tight corners, and the dish-rack door’s lift up hydraulic system.

The dining table comfortably seats 6, and up to 8 for a cozier gathering. The marble table-top exudes a touch of class befitting a white minimalist home.

Beside the kitchen, we carved out a space to function as a laundry room. This space, with its semi-circle balcony, allows our clients to sun their laundry. An automatic blinds system keeps the rain and sun out when they don’t want it. A folding screen door system further separates the laundry area from the rest of the home.

The bedrooms are simple and functional, with the master bedroom sporting their own walk-in wardrobe corner. The bed sits against a cool grey backdrop with wall-mounted side tables flanking it. One also serves as a dressing table for the missus of the house.

The younger daughter’s bedroom was done up in a Princess-style with fairy lights hanging over her bed. A 4-panel casement wardrobe provides ample space for clothes and other personal items.

Both bathrooms received a complete tile over and new vanity cabinets. Dark, warm grey tiles were chosen for the bathrooms and coupled with warm lighting, creates a spa-like ambience for our home’s occupants to unwind under a hot shower after a day at work.

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